Shooting range regulations

  1. Each shooter is subject to the provisions of these shooting range regulations, the currently valid sporting regulations and the
    description, which he recognizes by his participation.
  2. Only those weapons and types of ammunition may be fired on shooting ranges that are approved for these by the official permit and that are not excluded from sport shooting in accordance with § 6 AWaffV 1. A corresponding reference to the approved weapons and types of ammunition is to be posted in a clearly visible place at the
    shooting range. Combat shooting on shooting ranges (see § 15 a Para. 1 and § 27 Para. 7 WaffG 2) as well as inadmissible
    shooting exercises in shooting sports according to § 7 AWaffV 1 are prohibited.
  3. Insurance coverage within the legally prescribed scope must be proven.
  4. Loading and unloading as well as target practice are only permitted in the shooting range with the muzzle pointing in the direction of the
    bullet traps. In principle, the muzzle must be pointed in such a way that no one
    can be endangered or injured by an accidentally released shot.
  5. Firearms must be unloaded immediately after the end of shooting and the magazines, if any, removed or emptied
    . Weapons may only be put away if they are unloaded and the breechblocks,
    , are opened as far as possible due to their design.
  6. In the event of jamming or other malfunctions, the responsible supervisor must be notified.
    The weapons must be unloaded with the muzzle pointing in the direction of the bullet traps or handled in such a way that
    no one is endangered.
  7. In the event of malfunctions in the shooting operation that require the shooting to be stopped, the responsible supervisor must give clear instructions as to whether the weapons are to be unloaded or shot down.
    shooting may be continued only on the order of the responsible supervisor.
  8. Shooters who turn around in the shooting stand with a loaded weapon or otherwise recklessly endanger others
    are to be excluded from participation in shooting and expelled from the stand.
  9. Persons whose behavior disrupts or attempts to disrupt the safe or smooth running of an event
    may be expelled from the stand.
  10. Smoking on the shooting stands is prohibited.
  11. The age requirements under weapons law for shooting by children and young people as well as the requirements under weapons law
    for responsible supervisors for suitability to work with children and young people must be observed.
  12. Each shooting is to be carried out under the supervision of a responsible supervisor, whose name is to be posted in a clearly visible place
    . Responsible supervisors must constantly supervise the shooting
    and in particular ensure that those present in the shooting range do not cause any avoidable
    dangers by their behavior and that the regulations of these shooting range rules are observed. They have, if this is necessary for the
    prevention of dangers, to prohibit the shooting and the stay in the shooting range.
    The users of shooting ranges have to follow the instructions of the supervisors.
    The supervisor may not participate in the shooting himself during the supervisory activity. A person qualified to supervise
    may shoot without being supervised himself/herself if it is ensured that he/she is
    alone on the shooting range.

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